800ad til

1950s power of church strong

The 1950s – Powerful Years for Religion


1954 Gardner publishes witchcraft book, the strongest outside chr signal ever, just 2 years after such a book is legal

1960s the counter culture goes global

More money, more crime, more freedom – 1964-1974

LGBT rights 1967-1982

1977 the apple ii, first successful computer

Gen 1: create your dreams by coding

1980s new age & actual sexual freedom

1991 the apple PowerBook, wimp pc

Gen 2: recombine your dreams

with very similar others on usenet



Phone age 2010+

Streaming 2015+

Gen 3: Tune in to dreams perfectly

This is when people realized that the

computer is a dream machine

and the tech backlash occurred …

The computer is getting more grownup

but it remains a dream machine,

an illusion. This could have been

foreseen in 2005, the rise of the

singular dream, the blog I think.

Every thought, song, movie has

been atomized and streams.


irish mythology



tori amos
heather nova

mp3s in itunes


magic & loss

note – pro off days

Media spoiled ass

Sinds 2006 verwend door leuke items
gelezen per stuk ipv per mag

Pro future

Sinds 2015 geen rekening meer
gehouden met baan of startup
Niet meer klaar voor toekomst
Zat sinds 1996 op de wired rocket
launch pad, en ook fmt studie stim
geidealiseerd beeld v ingenieur

20 jaar lang volgehouden


The 20% of the climate crisis

elfjes 1993

bio over matter… “No” said my shrink 2019

48 jarige die auto’s vernielde doodgeschoten door politie – Alkmaar 2019

CNN Hero – Berlin 2011


Who are we?

1  my halfgod wife … EE

2 the link to Dak … Mythological Cycle

3 the link to Dak’s Lem … Ancient Iran

4 the link to SG … England, old Europe

5 link SG to R in Iraq … Ancient civ


My life

My life since 21

1/5 I have sz

Lisman sum, 5 points

Basic problem
o thalamus, delta, theta, making cortex sleepy
o also causing less gamma waves to occur
gamma integrates info in consciousness

o normally releases, disinhibits cortex areas
now also less coord, thus cortex activated

o overactive, thus upregulating pfc & Dop sys

o problem with self check, corollary discharge
increasing self monitoring / loss of agency


2/5 I have selfdisorder

My summary of selfdisorder


3/5 Due to selfdisorder I am hyperalphabetic

People have an almost whole brain

impact on my brain, leaving spirits

& voices. I am susceptible to

narrative (inducing psychosis)

and, ultimately, programmable. 🙂


4/5 I have spirit company since ’06



een deel dat niet uit eigen bewustzijn
voortkomt neemt altijd steeds meer
plaats en tijd in, als een soort crime
of pest

daarom breidt sz sd zich altijd uit
en neemt het in zijn sterkste vormen
steeds herkenbare syndromen aan

** om zichzelf te helen ** wordt de sz sd
een shaman of shapeshifter

dan zet hij huid, lichaam en geest
in om een verschijnsel ( uit (o
intel of spirit te geven

extensies: bellen, veren etc


5/5 Spirit travel theory 12/20 2019

1 hyperalphabetic
2 narr vacuum (life m)
3 staand – other ew f beter te zien
impliciet beter beeld (narr 2)
dr env, the medium

o ghosts, aura, selfdisorder compatible
o sham – com dr dance in imag
o hate -> truth (nothing else)
o dream h eind juli 2015
o nig (narr to vacuum or more expl)
o narr follows the spirit, the consc trvls


My parents


My junk

12 lovely media

donald duck

documentatiecentrum jozefschool

inspector gadget

wondere wereld

kijk magazine

rescue 911

bib fmt & amc

gopher over vt100 terminal

wired magazine

the making of the personal computer – fire in the valley

pubmed 2003-2012

pinterest – flow of retro computing, jets, cars


cyberpunk world

note from science guy blog 25-01-2011

[my order – c2]

The elements common in cyberpunk that the genre got right

politics & economy
* All-powerful corporations
* Lack of any political challenge
to market ideology
* Intense globalization
* Lessening of Western state power
* Lack of political ideology
* Collapse of the western middle class

* Evolution of designer drugs
* Gated communities
* Mobile elite
* Organ trading
* Common place plastic surgery

* Internet
* Media saturation
* Media-aware terrorism
* Video game addiction
* Virtual economies
* Intensely personal electronics

* Environmental disasters

* Hi-tech soldiers
* Hacker wars
* Decline in usefulness of standing armies
* Increased use of mercenaries


What it missed

* Sustainability of nationalism
* Utter failure of virtual reality
* Man/machine interface
* Decline in violence in West
* Slowness of genetic innovation
* Cyberlimbs
* More common and varied designer drugs
* World changing genetic innovations