note – pro off days


Media spoiled ass

Sinds 2006 verwend door leuke items
gelezen per stuk ipv per mag

Pro future

Sinds 2015 geen rekening meer
gehouden met baan of startup
Niet meer klaar voor toekomst
Zat sinds 1996 op de wired rocket
launch pad, en ook fmt studie stim
geidealiseerd beeld v ingenieur

20 jaar lang volgehouden


Pent Myth Cake Forum

1  my halfgod wife … EE

2 the link to Dak … Mythological Cycle

3 the link to Dak’s Lem … Ancient Iran

4 the link to SG … England, old Europe

5 link SG to R in Iraq … Ancient civ


My life

My life since 21

I have sz

I have selfdisorder

My summary of selfdisorder

I have spirit company since ’06

The perspective language of spirits


This is why sz/sd are receivers

m & v

m has persp of v
v has persp of m

the other is OF the other

goals indep, integr

the other is REALLY the other

in sz taking a persp as own is Free

daarom ook beter met theorie & ing.

the normal is less personally involved

Their radio is off, the one of sz/sd
active, on, and a spirit can tell

this is the value of sz/sd
for others & spirits


My parents


My junk


12 lovely media

donald duck

documentatiecentrum jozefschool

inspector gadget

wondere wereld

kijk magazine

rescue 911

bib fmt & amc

gopher over vt100 terminal

wired magazine

the making of the personal computer – fire in the valley

pubmed 2003-2012

pinterest – flow of retro computing, jets, cars


cyberpunk world

note from science guy blog 25-01-2011

[my order – c2]

The elements common in cyberpunk that the genre got right

politics & economy
* All-powerful corporations
* Lack of any political challenge
to market ideology
* Intense globalization
* Lessening of Western state power
* Lack of political ideology
* Collapse of the western middle class

* Evolution of designer drugs
* Gated communities
* Mobile elite
* Organ trading
* Common place plastic surgery

* Internet
* Media saturation
* Media-aware terrorism
* Video game addiction
* Virtual economies
* Intensely personal electronics

* Environmental disasters

* Hi-tech soldiers
* Hacker wars
* Decline in usefulness of standing armies
* Increased use of mercenaries


What it missed

* Sustainability of nationalism
* Utter failure of virtual reality
* Man/machine interface
* Decline in violence in West
* Slowness of genetic innovation
* Cyberlimbs
* More common and varied designer drugs
* World changing genetic innovations