800ad til

1950s power of church strong

The 1950s – Powerful Years for Religion


1954 Gardner publishes witchcraft book, the strongest outside chr signal ever, just 2 years after such a book is legal

1960s the counter culture goes global

More money, more crime, more freedom – 1964-1974

LGBT rights 1967-1982

1977 the apple ii, first successful computer

Gen 1: create your dreams by coding

1980s new age & actual sexual freedom

1991 the apple PowerBook, wimp pc

Gen 2: recombine your dreams

with very similar others on usenet



Phone age 2010+

Streaming 2015+

Gen 3: Tune in to dreams perfectly

This is when people realized that the

computer is a dream machine

and the tech backlash occurred …

The computer is getting more grownup

but it remains a dream machine,

an illusion. This could have been

foreseen in 2005, the rise of the

singular dream, the blog I think.

Every thought, song, movie has

been atomized and streams.