Compatibility with magical creatures

Despite magical creatures in our life as a system not being concrete, they’re not alters, just archetypes or historical concepts, they are useful and entertaining.

They underline the fact that humanity has always, or at least for centuries had concepts about entities that existed in some form that did not comply to the normal one-in-one-body or individual oriented society of the Greeks.

The history of demons, voices, witches illustrates that society tries to shake them off, just like now and not in the least therapy, your boss, your partner and your closest friends.

I dont know if it was the wizard’s magic that bugged the environment or that magic is created by fear for the different. The entities, ghosts, phantoms, demigods, familiars.

We associate them all with our life in and around this one body.


spirit faery

enjoy the theory … culture as a dream (next post)



Fantasy & culture

In the fantasy literature a group has a goal, often the goal of defeating a central magical figure.

In this literature the group moves towards the evil power center, meeting people and learning things on their way.

But, in reality, they hardly hear any personal stories from the people who are from the places they journey through on their mission.

The narrator and the names speak of the hardships and battles of the places, there are hardly any personal stories, the moving group just learns some essential clues and keeps a watchful eye on the others of the group.

So, no personal stories? How does culture and culture of other places work for skipping the memory of abuse or loss for a system?

I think, this is my theory, that this is an example of having a sort of external dissociation happening.

Which is not exclusively so for systems at all …

It works like this: a person you meet STEPS OUTSIDE his kind of culture FOR you.

Outside his world, which could contain the same cultural handlings of the hardships, battles of the place.

The fact that the person steps outside it, makes it an act of dissociation, that meeting.

You respect the act of stepping outside it, you respect the cultural handling, you stand both outside it, and CAN explore it. Or not.

This respect enables listening, learning, love.

That’s all.

This illustrates how life is nonverbal, or mostly so. If you work on a computer and leave the office without much verbal communication, then that is YOUR work, which you leave behind at the office.

Life has verbal communication, sex, work, travel, strangers, diaries, being a system. Many aspects.

It’s not like, if I could only translate my thoughts into words. Life has many aspects. All you, all nonverbal. Except for verbal and writing itself.

You can excel at many of these aspects. They are compatibilities in a way. And if communication works well, despite it actually being dissociative or did-dy, so be it.

I hope you see how personal life and memories of further back, in culture, can work FOR you, despite its dissociative nature.

The other post, the creatures, which are not alters, are compatibilities too. Culture. Useful, entertaining. 🙂


PS we’ll extend these new two posts with at least 6-8 linked docs. this will then be chapter 2. March 2017



Post 02

This is why a ghost can be a fairytale prince or princess with a person that loves him or her

NOTE Neuroscience of ghost in early wish … Faerie tale prince / princess


Post 03

These are lists of magical creatures from wiki

We don’t really ‘deal’ with any of them, except for faeries, in the past

But… We do value some of them extra. Above their cultural value.

Like the: angel, banshee, phoenix, baba and the shaman’s arrow or dart


Post 04

Originally, we saw ourselves as a shaman (eco druid, or shaman druid), a presumably ancient role in human societies, groups. A shaman deals with spirits, the fate of spirits, and with the cultural and economical harmony of his or her society with its natural environment, like the hunt or resources. The shaman is an outsider, but a valued consultant for these issues. So we saw the value of this identity, since we saw our diagnosis as schizophrenic as a neurotype, a type of mind that simply differs from the standard, the normal. And yes, we are and deal with spirits.

This is my pinterest page on shamans

And here’s wiki

Hello world!

Welcome to Radiant Flash Time

CAUTION & newer guide:

Micro guide

Post 01 …

o launched January 3rd 2017

o this site is under construction [and this post will grow]

December 27th 2016 I bought a Washburn – Tobacco Burst – western guitar. My friend Michelle was talking about guitars and her story led us back to her boyfriend on the web. Seemingly, this was a coincident.

On this site I explain to Michelle how the concept of Lo-Pass can explain both illusionary and realized expansion in time and space.

Reading this site takes time, but the space, which will update you on doings in it, is enormous. And the doings will be your pride.

If there’s little else in life… check radiant flash time 🙂



Post 02

Illusionary Radiant

To me Radiant in Radiant Flash Time refers to an expanded radius. When a part of your brain system, e.g. language, happens to be Lo-Pass, several things happen:

o you have trouble switching contexts

o your context could be widened compared to a normal, non-Faerie mind

A widened context can confuse you at first. You may think life and what is happening to you in life is becoming a test of some benign or scary, paranoid sort. One can easily explain this by saying that a Lo-Pass mind encompasses more space, and creates ideas of people testing you, watching you.



Post 03

Realized Radiant

A Lo-Pass mind is less distracted by what you are doing, what you have in front of you. A Lo-Pass mind extends its workings in time. Wider than now or a single thing you are occupied with.

It stretches the now (flash time) and radiates into a wider time and space.

It never gives up on either future nor past.

Old loves will continue to occupy it. And the future it is working on before normal, non-Faerie minds do.

By old loves I mean distant loves. The Lo-Pass mind loves all people.

And by loving them, but keeping a distance, it makes the people more wanted in the eyes of Others.

The Lo-Pass mind keeps living memory magic. It doesnt change the past of Others, but it creates, for the Loved, a connection from them, the Loved … their memories, remembrances and the environment with both life and objects … to supporting magic controllers.

These are God, Demigods, and magic animals like birds.

They look from the magic wish of the distant love and build a magic world or Realm that serves to realize the dream of the Loved.

A Faerie Tale is the Story of such a Realm, and it is not real in the classical sense unless the Wish of the Loved has been Realized.


NOTE Issues with a science of magic

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Post 04

Under construction

1) The Lo-Pass mind loves all people.

2) Wish is fulfilled by magic controllers. These are God, Demigods, and magic animals like birds.

The Lo-Pass mind is not aware of all people and not aware of all wishes. Yet the mind can be aware of how wish can be fulfilled. A wish that is fulfilled is more radiant than a wish unfulfilled.

Suffering is not a wish unfulfilled. Bliss is the splendor of both truth AND fulfillment.


We used psudoAI ( to create this statement about Radius, or a ball actually:

Sign of the future? Our mind navigates for solipsistic resque (think of: the Matrix Movie’s resque ship). But our children are in the Matrix, the digital worlds. They really like the selfsimilar worlds provided.


Mongolian poetry


Post 05 – disability & did tweets

#justice #disability twt 03 – Could be society pays U <> if U peaceful & idealist > Useful for #progress, AND they can test #cyber defenses!

#justice #disability twt 02 – Could be society pays U to avoid U going into magic, #marketing theory & prove 2nd, 3rd tier influence on ppl.

If #society decides U are unfit to stand/use the #justice court, it owes U basic #disability income: an #entrepreneur cant avoid! #neurotype


#did i love the story of us (3) in the story of 5-15 #ghosts – i do not really HAVE mention 20 or 38, but i love them all – luv – bliss – cu

#did i traded love for togetherness – togetherness and truth – togetherness, responsability and truth – nothing’s eternal – but god help us

#did i like mystic – is… describing mechanisms and see how that works out in finding magic and origins in my life – all equally un-deep 🙁

#did i know why a [2nd, 3rd..16] (38?) consciousness is a soul, not telling. But don’t we all weave back into past? Is… considered ‘real’.

#did different memory spans (reasonable, while of voices sucks)… PLAN: give up some rumin/confirm, & simply 🙂 sign & wave storylines arnd

#did numbers – 8-12 elements in a model: complex (for me) – 300 articles (a review) – 5000 items (half an expertise) – 10 of 60 books: great


Post 06 – time & magic

Because of the influence of ww2 on the generation born 1915-1935, the following generation (the baby boomers) and their children, the gen x generation … people often try to understand the post-ww2 era by going back to a former era.

Like the former eras of paper com, 17th century Newton’s classical mechanics (note that the 20th century was about relativity and quantum mechanics), Darwin, steam, electro and light…

Time – the question of ww2 – back to era 1565-1865

We at Radiant believe there are two outer edges in the concepts that a magic worker needs to address:

o time & war

o centuries & science

We just showed you an example of time and war. Centuries & science is harder, because it’s hard to get a good impression of science from the time before the revolutions of travel, communication and science.

But still it might be very valuable to understand how one’s interest would be transformed by imagining it to exist, have an origin, or phase in an early (500bc, 500ad, 800ad, 1300ad) time.

… under construction


NOTE some concepts in our language are closer to math and statistics than to a normal story. The science of these is problematic …

No story – story freq x 2 is … just beyond film


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